The Small Farm Training Group (SFTG) based in Sussex aims to enable members to learn better farming, smallholding and horticultural skills. Members are enthusiasts who want to know how to care for land, livestock and equipment in an efficient and professional way. We organise Smallholding Courses on many individual topics given in the evenings and at weekends. The instructors are smallholders trained in instructional techniques or college lecturers who are geared to the person-to-person style of instructing in a small group. We encourage networking in a number of ways. Monthly meetings provide information and an opportunity to share experiences. The meetings start at 7.30 pm on the third Friday of (usually) most months with a speaker at 8pm and there‚Äôs also the opportunity to browse and borrow from our library. We arrange social events such as a picnic and an Annual meal linked to the AGM. Last but by no means least, there is an electronic bulletin board (the Forum) where members can advertise For Sale/ Wanted items or simply ask for (or give!) advice to sort out a problem. We usually have somebody who can help. We currently have in excess of 200 members across Sussex, into Kent and Surrey and further afield, with many varied interests practised in gardens, smallholdings and farms. We are friendly and helpful. Why not make contact and try for yourself? Membership details or More about SFTG’s origin