Honey Extraction

Date/Time Location Speaker
7 Sep 2017 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM The Retreat Ben and Maggi

The course will cover all aspects of getting the honey from the hive to the jar. Marketing various products from the hive will also be covered.

This is a good introductory evening  for  anyone thinking of starting bee keeping and wanting to know more. It is suitable for all levels of knowledge and anyone interested in keeping bees or who enjoys honey will benefit from the experience.  After a demonstration there is time for some hands on, you will be using Ben and Maggie’s honey room. You will  be getting sticky so please bring an apron and wear suitable clothes appropriate for handling food.


Tutor: Ben and Maggie Pratt


“Excellent evening, I knew nothing about honey production when I arrived and left with a greater understanding and appreciation of the taste, quality and work involved.”


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