SFTG Library March 2018

 SFTG Library March 2018 
1The Smallholders ManualThear, K
2The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and PoultryThear, K and Fraser, A.
2The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and PoultryThear, K and Fraser, A.
4Woodland WayBen Law
5Caring for Small WoodsBroad, K.
6Hedgelaying explainedNational Hedgelaying Society
7Organic GrasslandNewton, J.
8Living WoodAbbott, Mike
9Organic Grassland and sheep husbandryNewton, J.
9Organic Grassland and sheep husbandryNewton, J.
10Organic Garden: The Value of WeedsFlowerdew, Bob
12Organic Garden: Gardening on difficult soilsFlowerdew, Bob
13How to Build Small Barns and OutbuildingsBurch, Monte
15Honey FarmingManley
16The Beekeepers Field GuideCramp, David
17Goatkeeping for BeginnersSussex County Goat Club
18Goat husbandryMackenzie, David
19Enterprises for the SmallholderPorter, Valerie
21An Introduction to Feeding Farm LivestockNelson, R. H. 1978
22Manual of Lambing TechniquesWinter A and Hill, C
23Planned Sheep ProductionCroston D and Pollot g
24The Family CowLoon, van Dirk
27Sheep AilmentsStraiton, E.
30Small Scale Sheep KeepingHunt, J
32Homeopathy- A Shepherds GuideElliot and Pinkus
33Cattle AilmentsStraiton, E.
34Cows for the Smallholder Porter Valerie
35Home-made butter, Cheese and YogurtBlack, Maggie
39Small Scale Pig RaisingLoon, Dirk van
41The Right Way to Pig Keeping and BreedingMorley ,A.
42Diseases of Free Range PoultryRoberts, V
43Profitable Free range Egg ProductionDennett, Mick
44Starting with ChickensThear, K
45Free Range PoultryThear, K
46Poultry and Waterfowl ProblemsRoberts, M
47The Domestic DuckAston, C. and M.
48Ducks and Geese at HomeRoberts, V and M
50Incubation a Guide to Hatching and RearingThear, K
51The Chicken Health HandbookDameron, G
54Ducks in Focus Video
55Practical Poultry KeepingBland, David
56Practical Slaughter of PoultryHumane slaughter Association
57So, you own a woodland?Forestry Commission
58The Complete Herbal for Farm and StableDe Blairachlevy, J
59Home FarmHeiney, Paul
60Mushrooms and Other Fungi of GB and EuropePhillips, Roger
61A Passion for MushroomsCarluccio, Antonio
62BatsHutson, T
63BatsRichardson, P
64Video on butchery of lamb, beef and pork
66CD Coppersongs 3 Copper family
67A song for Every Season (book)Copper family
68Ag vehicles on the road a guide to legislationMcMahon
70Chainsaw operating manualKestrel
71The Veterinary Book for Sheep FarmersHenderson, D
72Guide to Bees and HoneyHooper
73Romney HandbookRomney Sheep Breeders'
74Poultry House ConstructionRoberts, Michael
75Home Poultry KeepingEley, Geoffrey
76Domestic Duck and Geese in ColourRoberts, Michael and Victoria
77Poultry at HomeRoberts, Victoria
79Vegetables naturallyWitham Fogg, H. G.
81Bantams, Breeding, Rearing & ManagementBatty, Joseph
85A Farm of our OwnIrwin, Graham, R.
89Modern Vermin ControlRoberts, Michael
90Mushrooms and ToadstoolsRayner, Ronald
97Moses the KittenHerriot, James
99Pig Production1Meat and Livestock Commission
100Pig production 2Meat and Livestock Commission
104Classic craftsMargetts, Martina
105Alpacas: A listing of all Atlantic Alpacas 2001Atlantic Alpacas
113The Modern ShepherdBrown & Meadowcroft
117Homeopathic PharmacyFfynnonwen Natural Therapy centre
121TV Vet Book for Stock Farmers Cattle AilmentsThe TV Vet
132The Air Code MAFF and Countryside Matters
134The Soil Code MAFF and Countryside Matters
136The Water Code MAFF and Countryside Matters
138Caring for CowsPorter, Valerie
139Poultry Farmer's & Manager's Veterinary HandbookLaing, Peter W
140Barnyard in your BackyardDamerow, Gail
141Making and Managing a SmallholdingAllaby, Michael
142Old Poultry BreedsHams, Fred
144The Smallholder's Vet BookCoe, Andrew
145The Old Pig Wiscombe, Martin
146Plain and Simple Egg productionTwinch, Carol
148The Organic Grassland SmallholdingWolstenholme, Jill
149Vital SignsThomas, Andy
151The Shepherd's GuidePeasridge Sheep Services
159The Forgotten ArtsSeymour, John
168First steps to the Furrow (video)Clark, Roger & Cheryl
170Calf LoveFussey, Joyce
171Home Goat KeepingHetherington, L.U.
172Sheep - A complete owner's manualMuller, Hans Alfred
173Pig Rearing and Health Lyon, R., Russell
174Pet PigsWalton, J., Carr, J & Duran, O
175Poultry as a HobbyBaumeister, M & Meyer, H
176Chickens at HomeRoberts, M and V
178Keeping a Pony at GrassPony Club
180An Intro' to Keeping Bees (Video)Farming Press
181Goat Husbandry and Health (Video)Matthews, H
183Essential Sheep-Dog MattersAnderson, J (editor)
184Resource Management: HedgesMaclean, Murray
185Practical Incubation VideoHarvey, Rob
187Country Smallholding Poultry SelectionCountry Smallholder
188Come Bye! And Away! (sheepdog video)Jones Glyn H.
189Sheep ProductionFraser, Allan
190The Country Housewife's HandbookWest Kent Fed of Women's Institutes
192The Complete Book of Home PreservingNorwak, Mary
193A Guide to Traditional Pig KeepingHarris, Carol
194The Secret Life of CowsYoung, Rosamund
195Discovering Dowsing and DiviningNaylor, Peter
196First Steps in ShearingBritish Wool
198Small Engine Repair ManualChoate, C and Jex R
199Tanning and Curing ProcessesRofe, G M
199Tanning and Curing ProcessesRofe, G M
199Tanning and Curing ProcessesRofe, G M
200Urban Dreams Rural RealitiesButler, D and Crewe, B
201A Start in SmallholdingBeat, Alan
202The Complete Encyclopedia of ChickensVerhoef, E and Rijs, A
205Matthew Rice's ChickensRice, Matthew
206The Smallholding PlanSmallholding magazine
207RSPCA Complete Horse Care ManualVogel, Colin
209How to Build Animal HousingEkarius, Carol
210Pig AilmentsWhite, Mark
211Traditional Cattle Breeds and how to keep themKing, Peter
212Traditional English Hedge LayingBevan, George
213Fruits of the HedgerowPopescu, Charlotte
214Carrots Love TomatoesRiotte, Louise
215Weed Communities of EuropeCiba-Geigy
218A Cut above the Rest (Butchering Skills) DVDCourt, D and Newell, D
219How to Use Implements on your Small-Scale FarmKubik, R
220Practical Beekeepingde Bruyn, Clive
221We Want Real FoodHarvey, Graham
222A Manual of Lambing TechniquesWinter, A. C and Hill, C. W
223Feng ShaunAardman
224Keeping SheepDowning, Elisabeth
225The Showman ShepherdTurner, David
226Little Book of Sheep(poems)
227The New Duck HandbookRaethel, Heinz-Sigurd
228Armatage's Cattle DoctorArmatage, George
229The Organic DirectoryLitchfield, Clive (ed)
230Know Your BroadleavesForestry Commission
231Jen the HenHawkins, C and J
23221st Century SmallholderWaddington, Paul
233Llamas and Alpacas, A guide to managementBromage, G
234The Goat HandbookJaudas, U and Mobini, S
235An Introduction to BeekeepingMetcalf, P
236Lamb Survival (DVD)Henderson, David, C.
237An Introduction to Keeping SheepUpton, J and Soden, D
238BeekeepingWaring, Adrian and Claire
239The Polytunnel HandbookMcKee, A and Gatter, M
240A Manual of Lambing TechniquesWinter, A. C and Hill, C. W
241Poultry at Home (DVD)Roberts, V
243Keeping Ducks - Beautiful Comical ThingsBartlett, T
244Allotted Time: 12 Months, 2 blokes, 1 shed, no ideaShelton, R
247World Encyclopedia of Bread & Bread MakingIngram, C and Shapter
248Gardening for Life - The biodynamic WayThun, M
249TV Vet Sheep Book Sheep AilmentsThe TV Vet
254Successful SmallholdingHobson, J.C.J and Rant, P
255Running for the HillsClare, H
257A Country WifePinney, L
260CompostingKitto, D
264Discovering English VineyardsBedford, J. R
265Feeding The Soil The Organic WayHills, L.D
270Comfrey for Gardeners and SmallholdersHenry Doubleday Research
273Operation TiggyWinkle (Hedgehogs)Hills, L.D
276Self-SufficiencySeymour, J and S
278Weeds, Search and DestroySpiller, M
280The Upstart GardenerArscott, D
281Dig For Survival (pamphlet)Hills, L. D
283Worms and WormeriesWoolnough, M
284Raising GoatsStockwell, F
285Not Just for Christmas (Turkeys)Wallace, J H
286The Sheep Book for SmallholdersTyne, T
287The Allotment HandbookFoley, C
288Calving the Cow and Care of the CalfStraiton, E
296Yesterday's Countryside country life as it really wasPorter, V
297Start to SpinBerry, S
298A Day's Hedging (video)Lewis, D
299Chainsaw maintenance & Safe Tree Felling (video)James, K and Lewis, D
300A Day's FencingLewis, D
301Winter on the Farm and Spring on the Farm (video)Heiney, P
302The Illustrated Guide to Horse TackMcBane, S
303Little Baa (childrens book)Lewis, K
304The Rare Breeds Handbook (1986)Wallis, D
305The English FarmWhitlock, R
306Gardening with the Experts- Vegetable GardensMoody, M
307The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and PoultryThear, K and Fraser, A.
308Hobby Farm - Ideas for the New CountrysideNewlands, W
309Goldings, Napoleons and Romneys- Farming in KentMajor, A
310Know Your sheepByard, J
311A Shepherd's WatchKennard, D
312Hedgerow MedicineBruton-Seal,J and Seal, M
313Build it- DIY Projects for Farmers, Smallholders ..Jacobs, J
314Living Willow SculptureWarnes, Jon
315How to Plant Your AllotmentFoley, C
316A Hill Shepherd trains his Border Collies (DVD)Scrimgeour, D
317Come Bye! And Away! (Sheepdog training DVD)Jones, H. G.
318Beginner's Guide to GoatsFaber, L
319Our Farm - A year in the Life of a SmallholdingBoycott
321The Pocket Guide to Wild FoodPeacock, Paul
322How to Butcher Livestock and GamePeacock, Paul
323The Cheese Making BookPeacock, Paul
324The Urban Farmer's HandbookPeacock, Paul
325The Bee GardenLittle, Maureen
326Honey Nature's Golden HealerHavenhand, Gloria
327Organic FarmingLampkin, Nicolas
328Craft Cider MakingLea, Andrew
329Wildlife Habitats for Your GardenBriggs, Josie
330Goat Health and WelfareHarwood, David
331The Garden at HighgrovePrince of Wales and Green, C. L
332The Gardens at HighgrovePrince of Wales (introduction)
333Fream's Elements of AgricultureRobinson, D. H. (ed)
334Poisonous Plants & FungiCooper, M.R. and Johnson, A. W.
335The Great British Cheese BookRance, Patrick
338The Prevention of Food PoisoningTrickett, Jill
339Guide to the Finest Cheeses of Britain and IrelandHarbutt, Juliet
340Make your own Cheese, butter and yogurt at homeRademaker, Joop
341The River Cottage Meat BookFearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh
342The Homeopathic Treatment of Small AnimalsDay, Christopher
343Cordwood Building The state of the ArtRoy, Rob
344The Smallholder's Guide to Animal AilmentsLyon, Russell (ed)
345Herbal VinegarOster, Maggie
346CompostingScott, Nicky
347First Buy a FieldYoung, Rosamund
348No Time to Grow - Fruit & Veg for the 'on the Go' GardenerWootton
349An Introduction to Keeping SheepUpton, Jane and Soden, Dennis
350Haynes Pig ManualShankland, Liz
351Haynes Bee ManualWaring, Claire and Adrian
352Any Fool can be a…. Dairy FarmerRobertson, James
353Any Fool can be a…. Pig FarmerRobertson, James
354Any Fool can be a…. MiddleAged DownshifterWoolnough,Mike
355Showing Sheep For Pleasure or ProfitKendrick, Sue
356Flowerpot FarmingNeville, Jayne
357The Polytunnel CompanionNeville, Jayne
358Training Secrets of a Hill Shepherd (2 DVDs)Scrimgeour, Derek
359Grow It YourselfHarland, Gail
360Fertility PasturesTurner, Newman
361Fertility FarmingTurner, Newman
362HerdsmanshipTurner, Newman
363Cure Your Own CattleTurner, Newman
364Small-Scale Livestock FarmingEkarius, Carol
365Smallholding ManualShankland, Liz
366A Good life - John Symour his self-sufficiency legacyPeacock, Paul
367The Frugal LifeTerrett, Piper
368Scenes from a Vegetable Plot - growing organic is easyGriffin, Chas
369Keeping ChickensWright, Liz
370Woodlands - A practical handbook (BTCV)Brooks, A
371Hedging - A practical handbook (BTCV)Brooks, A and Agate, E
372Fencing- A practical handbook (BTCV)Agate, Elizabeth
373Footpaths - A practical handbook (BTCV)Agate, Elizabeth
374Liquid GoldSteinfeld, Carol
375Great Cars and TrucksVan Lindert, H
376Biodynamic AgricultureSchnilthuis
377Pruning & TrainingThe Royal Horticultural Society
378British Sheep and WoolThe British Wool Marketing Board
379Meat A Benign ExtravaganceFarirlie, S
380Diseases of SheepJensen, R
381Making more £££s with the better Returns ProgrammeEblex
382Bees at the bottom of the gargenCampion, Alan
383The A-Z of Companion PlantingNeville, Jayne
384Vet for HireLyon, Russell
385Woodburning - The Greener Way to Fuel your HomeButterworth, John
386Hand Spinning and Natural DyeingBoley, Claire
387Soap CraftPeacock, Diana
29RPractical sheep keepingCardell, K
36RStarting with PigsCase, A.
37RPractical pig keepingSmith, P.
39RSmall Scale Pig RaisingLoon, Dirk van
3RTraditional Woodland CraftsRay Tabor
40RPig KeepingPeck, W.D.
49RTurkeys at HomeRoberts, V
389The Goatkeeper's Veterinary BookDunn, P
390Mushroom Picker's Foolproof Field GuideJordan, Peter
391Food For FreeMabey, Richard
392Gourmet Soaps Made EasyCoss, Melinda
393The Healthy Hens HandbookBeebe, Terry
394Urban BeekeepingHughes, Craig
395The Feeding of RuminantsOrskov, B
396Soil Smart and Nutrient WiseFisher, G., Davison, L and Philipps, L
397Perfect PigsWilson, C and R
398How to Find and Identify MammalsSargent, G and Morris, P
399Growing GreenHall, J and Tolhurst
400Mushroom Growing for EveryoneGenders, R
401The Complete Encyclopedia of ChickensVerhoef, E and Rijs, A
402Guide to Bees and HoneyHooper, T
403An Introduction to Crop CirclesThomas, Andy
404Living with ChickensRossier, J
405MushroomActon, J and Sandler, N
406Home Smoking and CuringErlandson
407DVD Sheep on your Smallholding 1 Establishing FlockHenson, A
408DVD Sheep on your Smallholding 2 Peak HealthHenson, A
409DVD Sheep on your Smallholding 3 Breeding FlockHenson, A
410DVD Sheep on your Smallholding 4 Business, Enterprise, ProfitHenson, A
411Honey Fleetwood, J
412The Yorkshire ShepherdessOwen, J
413The Shepherd's LifeRebanks, J.
414Viable Self-SufficiencyTyne, T amd D
415The Lore of the LandSeymour, J
416Wild FruitGeneve, A and M-J
417Adam's Farm My life on the landHenson, A
418Creating a Forest GardenCrawford, M
419Practical Sheep Keeping (2nd ed) Cardell, K
420The Fields were My TheatreWeeks, T