Learning through this training group. Members find that they do not feel that the instructors 'look down' on them because they are farming in a small or part-time way or that their lack of know-how is exposed in front of the 'big boys' farming hundreds of acres. Members select courses to suit their requirements or request a course to meet a specific need.  Non-members are welcome on our courses at an increased cost (1.5 times the members' fee). What to expect Take along a notebook and pen and if the course is for a whole day you will need a packed lunch. Wear suitable clothing (old) for all weather conditions and the type of course, bearing in mind that most of our courses are hands on. Wellingtons or strong shoes are advisable for most outdoor courses, but please ensure they are clean, as good hygiene is important. You may be asked to fill in a course evaluation form. You can hand it to the instructor, send it to Joanna Gore (, or bring it to the next monthly meeting.

A list of courses can be found under the 'calendar/courses and events' page, or you can download and print the full current programme from the 'downloads' page.

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