We have a range of books, magazines and videos that can be borrowed by members. They are usually borrowed and returned at our Friday monthly meetings.

Members can borrow up to 5 books at a time. There is a charge of 50p per book per month (20p for booklets) to enable us to increase our stock. The system of signing out books is done by members themselves. The book to be borrowed is signed out in the Green Book and money is put in the piggy bank. If members find it hard to remember how many library books they have, they can write the numbers of the books they have borrowed on a library loan card.

When books are returned an entry is made in the Green Book and members pay any additional payments due. Members will be reminded that they have still have books out after 3 months.

Most of our books have been purchased with money from a grant from Sussex Enterprise. We have also had a number of donations and loans from our members. These are all gratefully acknowledged. Our librarian Jenny is always very pleased to receive further donations and suggestions for future purchases.

List of books